Do Cariboo bassinets include a mattress?

Yes, all Cariboo bassinets come complete with a mattress and baseboard.

Where are Cariboo products manufactured?

All Cariboo products are 100% made in Canterbury, New Zealand.

How do I clean the wood frame?

Clean using a soft sponge or cloth and gentle soapy water.

How do I clean my Cariboo Wool Mattress Topper?

The Wool Toppers are made with 100% natural wool fibre. Hand wash do not spin as the fibres will separate. We believe keeping it 100% natural is best so you have to care for this carefully. Lay flat to dry. Remember most urine and sweat will expel naturally from the wool with airing. The cotton fabric may stain, you can spot clean this.

How do I wash my Cariboo bassinet fabric?

Cariboo bassinets are made from the best quality 100 % cotton. As cotton is a natural fibre it needs to be treated with care and washed delicately. We recommend washing your bassinet fabric by hand. When cotton is wet it contracts, so to ensure it does not shrink, reshape and iron while damp. Do not tumble dry your fabric.

Why do you use wool?

Wool is naturally anti-bacterial and it doesn't harbour odour, so it does not need to be washed as often as other fabrics. In addition, wool has excellent moisture wicking properties, pulling moisture into the core of the fibre so that it doesn't feel wet or soggy. It can absorb moisture up to one-third of its own weight. Wool is also highly naturally flame resistant, and frequently used for mattresses and rugs for that reason.

What makes the Cariboo wool blankets different to other wool blankets on the market?

Cariboo wool blankets are made from high quality Mid-Micron wool sourced from some of the best farms in the South Island and it is one of the softest, lightest, yet most durable natural fabrics on the market today. As the quality of the wool is so high, no nasty chemicals are used to treat the wool, unlike a lot of cheap wool products and synthetic materials on the market.

The process of making the yarn used in Cariboo wool blankets is one of the most energy efficient of any yarn spinning technology in the world, using up to four times less energy than those of competing synthetic fabrics.

Compared to ‘normal wool’ which has a twisted yarn and is itchy and prickly, the flat-lying fibres of the Cariboo wool blanket allow them to be completely free of itching or pilling. The ‘open structure’ spinning process creates an exceptionally soft and breathable yarn which dries incredibly quickly because of its ability to rapidly absorb and release water. Cariboo wool blankets also dry four times faster than normal wool.

What kind of wood does Cariboo use?

We use the finest Radiata Pine grown in the South Island of New Zealand. It is grown in a climate that produces high grade premium wood, and harvested from plantations that meet the Forest Stewardship Council’s (FSC) stringent environmental, social and economic standards.  Radiata Pine is an adaptive, quickly-maturing pine tree. Because it grows quickly, Radiata Pine forests are easy to manage sustainably. This type of wood is dense and strong, with a naturally even finish when cut and sanded. 

What fabric are the bassinets made from?

The bassinets are made from high quality, 100% Cotton Drill fabric, sourced for its strength and durability.

What is the bassinet mattress made of?

Our bassinet mattresses are made especially for us. They are made from flexible Polyurethane Foam and we do not add any fire retardants or other nasty chemicals. This mattress has the "healthguard" tick which only a few selected foams have and it also complies to the required Australian Safety Standards. This is the same grade foam used by Sealy Beds manufacturers.

We use foam as it provides a firm flat surface with is the recommended surface by health professionals worldwide to encourage baby to sleep on its back. We then recommend the use of a Wool Topper which is a natural wool layer covered with 100% cotton cover this placed on top of the foam then forms a natural layer between the baby and the foam. So you get the best of both worlds. This natural layer also helps to regulate baby’s temperature and can give a good indication if the baby is overheating as the outside cover will feel damp when you pick up the baby after a nap.

Can I use my Gentle Motions Bassinet on a Folding Bassinet frame?

Unfortunately the Gentle Motions Bassinet is designed to fit inside a cot or on a Gentle Motions frame only. It will not fit the Folding Bassinet frame.

I have assembled my bassinet but the safety arrow on the metal bracket between the legs is pointing down instead of up. How do I fix this?

This is easy to fix. Simply unlatch the metal bracket, close the legs and open them back out the opposite way. Lock the bracket into place.Make sure the bolt that connects the legs together that the smooth head of the bolt is facing the outside on both legs. Now that the arrow is pointing upwards your bassinet is safe for use.

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